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    In-depth Investigation into Companies Based in the Development Zone by the Delegation Headed by Dai Dongqiang, Secretary of the District Committee

      On July 6, Dai Dongqiang, Secretary of the District Committee of Wuqing, and Guo Xinhua, member of the standing committee under the District Committee, and office director of the District Committee, conducted in-depth investigation in many companies based in Wuqing Development Zone to collect information on recovery, resumed production and operation of companies. Wu Guibao, deputy manager of Wuqing Development Zone, escorted them for investigation.



    In the investigation into Engine Tech Co., Ltd.. Dai Dongqiang made inquiries on such conditions as the companys development schedule, technological innovation, marketing occupancy and so forth and showed full approval to its development attainments. He showed that both the District Committee and the District Government showed high priority on development of its smart scientific and technological industry and were to serve as escorts to ensure corporate development by vigorously molding a sound business environment. He required that the development zone continue to stick to the concept of servicing others amounting to advancing oneself and provide good services on science and technology, talents and industrial policies. He also aspired that Anjing could further enhance its input to research and development, add to its innovative competence and grab new breakthrough in its future development.


    In the investigation to BMC Medical Co., Ltd., Dai Dongqiang grasped that the company had donated an anti-virus articles covering noninvasive respirators, consumable items and so forth worthy of a total value surpassing 5.8 million Yuan. He showed high consent to that move and indicated that companies could take a general idea of the holistic situation and fully demonstrate their high sense of social responsibility and assume obligations to join hands with people throughout the district in fighting against the pandemic when covid-19 hit. He requested that all functional departments follow the deployment requirements on dual combat and win-win raised by the municipal committee and the municipal government, put into effect varying pro-company policies and go to the great lengths to help companies dispel worries and add impetus to help companies seek for expansion and development.

    In the investigation to the networking valley program by China Merchants, Dai Dongqiang pointed out that the program should gather speed, display its major role to lead in industrial innovation and clustering, focus on key and segmented realms, take deep root in the service market and attempt to grow into the biggest popular online valley in North China. He required that all functional departments intensify policy guidance and propel settlement and validity of more programs in modern service industry with round and merited services.


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