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    BMC Medicial Project Became the Key Special Recommendation Project of "Science and Technology Helping Economy 2020"

    Recently, Tianjin Municipal Science and Technology Bureau announced the list of projects recommended to the Ministry of Science and Technology from key special recommendation of the national key research and development plan "Science and Technology Helping the Economy 2020". The project of "Research and Development of High Flow Humidity Oxygen Therapy System for COVID-19 Epidemic" of Tianjin BMC Medical Co., Ltd (hereinafter referred to as "BMC Medical") was selected.


    The project carried out the research on the wireless high-flow humidification oxygen therapy system in the scene of oxygen therapy for multi-patients in the epidemic areas, and has completed the research and evaluation of clinical applicability. BMC Medical cooperated with the first-line hospitals to improve the hardware of high-flow humidification oxygen therapy system, build wireless network platform and central monitoring system and realize wireless remote monitoring of key parameters of multi-equipment and vital signs of patients, which can not only improve the efficiency of treatment, but also effectively prevent the cross-contaminations caused by droplets and the like. Prior to this, the project won Municipal Science and Technology Progress Award and the Second Award of Special Award for Combating COVID-19 Epidemic; and got the approval of the Science and Technology Major Project for "COVID-19 Infection Emergency Prevention and Control". This time, it became the key special recommendation project of our city, marking that the scientific research strength of Gens Key has been recognized by authorities again.



    Release Time:2020-05-28 11:44:00

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