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    Plan And Layout

    The Planning Deployment

    Recently, the planned area covers nearly 50 square kilometers, among of which 35 square kilometers have been finished construction, and the left 15 square kilometers is under planning and development. based on current conditions, striving to build Innovation Technology Ecology Park.

    I phase: In 1992, the I phase of Wuqing development area of 7.4 square kilometers begin to invite construction tenders.

    II Phase: In 2000, the II phase of Wuqing development area of 7.6 square kilometers begin to plan the construction tenders.

    III phase: In 2008, the III phase of Wuqing development area of 15 square kilometers plan to construct, and is in progress of inviting tenders.

    IV. In 2011, the V phase of Wuqing development area of 20 square kilometers plan to construction, the starting area is 5 square kilometers.


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